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Exhibition — “Beneath the Surface: Life, Death, and Gold in Ancient Panama” at Pink Palace Museum

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For more than a thousand years, a cemetery on the banks of the Rio Grande de Coclé in Panama lay undisturbed, escaping the attention of gold seekers and looters. In 1927, the river flooded, setting the scene for one of the richest discoveries in the history of American archaeology.

In 1940, a Penn Museum team led by J. Alden Mason excavated at the cemetery, revealing the single largest grouping of grave goods ever unearthed in Panama—golden plaques and pendants with animal-human motifs, precious and semiprecious stones, animal bone ornaments, and literally tons of detail-rich painted ceramics.

Beginning February 03, 2018, Beneath the Surface: Life, Death, and Gold in Ancient Panama will immerse visitors in the history of the original excavation, and introduce the...

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